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These US cities will pay you $15,000 to move there — Check out new relocation packages

Americans applying for relocation programmes to start new life with $15,000 in these US cities. — Unsplash/File

Many Americans are looking for ways to keep more hard-earned dollars in their bank account as life in the US is pretty expensive these days. Between seemingly eternal inflation, high interest rates, and the exorbitant cost of healthcare. 

Relocation packages offered by some US smaller cities and towns to attract new residents is one option gaining traction, according to CNN.

These cash carrots, also known as worker relocation incentive programmes, are available across the country but share the same general premise.

Workers who have geographic flexibility with financial incentives and other perks, such as free gym memberships, co-working facilities, and even dinner with the mayor are usually lured by them.

While, some offer homebuyer incentives, a couple of the most lucrative offers hit five figures.

An online marketplace MakeMyMove.com connecting remote workers with locations making offers around the US, the number of cities offering such incentives has more than doubled in recent years.

In 2023, more than 50,000 people applied for programmes across the country through the platform as the pandemic brought about a seismic change in work culture.

The US cities proposing these offers include Tulsa, Oklahoma; West Virginia; Indiana; Topeka, Kansas; Kentucky; The Shoals, Alabama; Rochester, New York; Alaska and Michigan.

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