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Ryan Gosling prioritises ‘spending time’ with Eva Mendes, kids

Ryan Gosling prioritises ‘spending time’ with Eva Mendes, kids

Ryan Gosling places a high value on quality time spent with his wife Eva Mendes and daughters, Amada Lee, 7, and Esmeralda Amada, 9.

“Spending time with Eva and the kids was obviously the top priority, but he also needed a break. Ryan tends to work in big spurts, then takes time off so he can come back to the next challenge with a full tank,” a source told National Enquirer UK.

Since their first meeting on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines, Ryan and Eva have remained together. Eva stays at home to care for their children while the Barbie star travels for his acting gigs. To spend more time with their children, the actress decided to give up performing.

The Ghost Rider actress recently opened up about the same, saying, “It was like a no-brainer. I’m so lucky, and I was like if I can have this time with my children… and I still worked, I just didn’t act because acting takes you on locations, it takes you away. It was almost just like a non-verbal agreement that it was like, ‘Okay he’s going to work and I’m going to work, I’m just going to work here.'”

“I have never experienced anything like that. The way he works, his commitment to his craft, how he wants to make everything as best as it can be, and that means making his co-stars as best as they can be,” Mendes added in an interview with Today. 

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