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‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki bets on $100,000 Bitcoin by Sept


‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki buying more Bitcoins as cryptocurrency poised to touch $100,000 within months. — AFP/File

Robert Kiyosaki, the famed author of the groundbreaking 1997 book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which advocates the importance of financial literacy and coaches on how money works, is doubling down on Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency is being forecast to touch $100,000 in six months, U.Today reported.

Taking to social media, Kiyosaki came out with his bullish stance on the cryptocurrency, pulling curtains on his plans to invest even more in the decentralised money before April.

It’s not a secret anymore that the driving force behind this bold move by the financial guru is the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, which is a historical trend that Kiyosaki has no doubt will send the price of the cryptocurrency soaring.

And Kiyosaki is walking his talk by barracking his followers to not miss the Bitcoin boat. According to Kiyosaki, if you cannot afford a whole coin, explore fractional purchases through Bitcoin ETFs or simply invest in smaller units commonly known as Satoshis.

And it’s not just Kiyosaki, there are more serious voices out there that are counting on Bitcoin. Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy is also among the chorus of believers. To both of them, Bitcoin is a chink-less armour against the blows of inflation and the depreciation of currencies.

Now the question is: Will Bitcoin hit $100,000 by September, as Kiyosaki predicts?

“I am buying 10 more Bitcoin before April. Why? The “Having.” If you can’t afford a whole Bitcoin you may want to consider buying 1/10 of a coin, via the new ETFs or Satoshi’s. If the Bitcoin process works as designed you may own a whole Bitcoin by the end of this year. I…,” Robert Kiyosaki said in a post on X.

A very important cryptocurrency event, known as the halving, anticipated to hit around block number 840,000, may take place around April 18, 2024. 

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