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Prince Harry may face similar treatment as former King Edward amid UK visit

Edward famously abdicated the throne to marry Simpson

Prince Harry might experience treatment akin to what Edward VIII received from the Palace.

Royal expert in his latest interview drew comparisons between Harry and Meghan Markle’s current relationship with the royal family and the historical situation involving former King Edward VIII and his partner Wallis Simpson.

Edward famously abdicated the throne to marry Simpson. Similarly, Harry and Meghan, following their decision to step down as senior royals in 2020, relocated to the US in an event dubbed “Megxit.” Mr Quinn highlighted parallels between these two situations.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, royal expert and author Tom Quinn said: “Harry is under pressure to keep some sort of relationship with his family going if only for the sake of the couples’ new ventures. Harry still has vague hopes that he will be forgiven and will be offered a minor role somewhere.”

The royal expert also compared the exiled royals to Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, whose intention to marry caused a constitutional crisis that forced the King to abdicate. After marrying in France, they lived in a beautiful house but were “desperately unhappy”, Quinn said. He added: “Even Edward VIII, after the abdication, was given a few minor roles. And Harry will be aware of that.”

Continuing to talk about the Sussexes, Mr Quinn said that as Meghan and Harry become an older married couple and some of the fire goes out of their relationship, “there’s a real danger that Harry will feel lost – just as Edward VIII felt lost when things had cooled with Mrs Simpson”.

He concluded by saying: “That’s the point at which Harry will really make huge efforts to build bridges with his brother and be allowed to be the part-time Royal (with Meghan) that he wants to be. But if palace officials have their way, it will never happen.”

Unlike Edward VII and his wife, Harry and Meghan are free to return to the UK without needing any permission from the monarch.

Meanwhile Harry is expected to have another brief and formal meeting with King Charles during his visit to the United Kingdom, according to reports shared on The Mirror.

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