Home Top Stories Malaika Arora Relishes A Wholesome Homemade Meal – Guess What It Is

Malaika Arora Relishes A Wholesome Homemade Meal – Guess What It Is

Malaika Arora Relishes A Wholesome Homemade Meal – Guess What It Is

Malaika Arora and her love for homemade meals needs no introduction. Be it a flavourful biryani or a scrumptious thali, there are so many dishes that taste a lot better when made at home. And we totally resonate with the actress. Home-cooked food has a distinctive taste which makes the entire eating experience more memorable. Today, once again, Malaika shared a glimpse of her in-house culinary adventures. She not only posted a snap of her yummy indulgence but also shared the formula behind her happiness. “Sattu paratha + dahi (curd) + garlic pickle + aloo sabji + salad = happiness,” the actress captioned the post, along with the hashtag “homemade”. The meal looked simply delectable. Take a look: 

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Malaika Arora’s food formulas are an absolute favourite and also very relatable. Earlier, the actress was seen relishing classic Maharashtrian varan bhaat, aloo and lonche. Courtesy: Her good friend Mallika Bhat. “Varan+Bhaat+Aloo+Lonche=Foodgasam,” Malaika captioned post. She also wrote “U Masterchef” and tagged her friend Mallika Bhat in the post. Know more about it here. 

If you follow Malaika Arora on Instagram, you would know that the actress loves experimenting and exploring different cuisines. She keeps fans updated with her gastronomic outings, and we always wait to get a glimpse of what is on her plate. Recently, she shared an Instagram Reels which was “all about food.” The clip rightly captured Malaika’s indulgences, over the last few days. Chia seed smoothie, a plateful of biryani, papad and haldi (turmeric) pickle, and a yummy-looking thali were a part of the video. For the dessert, she added the “prettiest strawberry pie.” Click here to read more. 

Before that, Malaika Arora gobbled down biryani. We don’t blame her. After all, turning down a bowl of biryani is nothing less than a crime. It not only satiates our hunger but pleases the soul too. And, for Malaika Arora, biryani is “love.” Read the full story here. 

We wonder what’s the next chapter of Malaika Arora’s culinary tale. 

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