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King Charles decides to cut Prince Harry out of the will?

Prince Harry, who stepped down as senior working royal in 2020 and relocated to the US with his wife and their children, could become further estranged from the royal family, according to a new report.

The 75-year-old monarch, per Marca and other outlets, my cut the Duke of Sussex out of the will.

There are reports emerging that the King is already fighting with cancer so he could be preparing for when his time on the throne comes to an end. That would reportedly be in the form of a will, which is a legal document.

The Monarch, as per reports, could not even put his estranged son Harry on the paper even the Duke traveled to the UK last month following his dad’s cancer diagnosis.

The father-son duo meeting, which lasted half an hour, was described as tense and cordial. However, the King was “touched” that Harry made such an effort so suddenly to see his father.

Royal commentator and author Tom Quinn, in conversation with Mirror, also shred his thoughts about the palace’s approach, stating: “The royals don’t regret slimming down the monarchy as streamlined royal family resonates positively with the public – they are perceived to be managing despite their challenges.

“It’s all about who’s going to be in and who’s going to be out and Harry is definitely out, but he still doesn’t completely get it. He’s like a naughty boy who always thinks he will ultimately be forgiven.”

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