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Jon Cryer says doesn’t want to ‘get in business’ with Charlie Sheen again

Jon Cryer says doesn’t want to ‘get in business’ with Charlie Sheen again

Jon Cryer may have had a successful run with Two and a Half Men, but he is not looking to get back into business with former co-star, Charlie Sheen.

Cryer appeared on The View Friday to talk about his new sitcom, Extended Family, when the subject was broached about a potential reboot of the popular Chuck Lorre sitcom.

“Yeah, I don’t know how that happens,” he said of the reboot, which came up after Lorre rekindled his friendship with Sheen nearly a decade after their fallout.

“Charlie is doing a lot better now, which is wonderful. He and I have not spoken in a few years, but he’s doing a lot better, which obviously I’m very happy about.”

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The actor, 58, noted that Sheen, 58, was the “highest paid actor in television, probably ever,” and “nobody that has surpassed the enormous amount of money he was making.”

With how Sheen’s success was going, Cryer said that he “blew it up” which is why he is still iffy about working together with him. Sheen was reportedly banking a whopping $1.8 million per episode.

“You kind of have to think – I love him. I wish him the best. He should live in good health for the rest of his life, but I don’t want to get in business with him for any length of time.”

Cryer also touched up on how things were left on Two and a Half Men, a show created by “legendary producer” Lorre.

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“One of the hardest things for [Lorre] when Two and a Half Men fell apart the way that it did was that he really felt like he was friends with Charlie. And that he lost that was really heartbreaking for him,” Cryer explained. “So, that they have reconciled is really lovely.”

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