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Influencer Mimics Air Hostess Serving Food Cart In Viral Video. Internet Loves It

Air hostesses work tirelessly, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey for passengers. Throughout the flight, they become the unsung heroes, catering to our needs with grace and efficiency. In a playful twist, an influencer stepped into their shoes, creating a fun video that showed the challenges they face. Mimicking the precision of serving trays laden with tea, coffee, and sandwiches, the influencer added a comic touch, showcasing the art of heaving and rolling the heavy trays to each passenger. The overlay text read, “Airhostess literally 2 minutes after take off.”
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In a hilarious skit, the influencer, now an air hostess, woke up a seemingly sleeping passenger, cheerfully enquiring, “Sir, would you like tea or coffee?” Moving on to others, the same question echoed individually, creating a comedic interaction with each imaginary traveller.

The scene continued with the air hostess presenting food options to another passenger, offering a selection between cup noodles and a chicken sandwich. Pretending the passenger chose cup noodles, a playful overlay text appeared on the video, reading “Rs 497 scam successful.” 

The interaction continued with the influencer engaging in silent communication with imaginary colleagues. He also handled a fake request for poha, the influencer delivered a humorous apology, saying, “Sorry sir, we don’t have poha.” The influencer continued the act as he turned to an imaginary customer saying, “Yes ma’am, just give me two minutes,” before heaving the cart away from the frame. “10 min of sleep is all I ask. But instead, I have to write a cheque for 1 cup of noodles mid-flight,” the caption read.
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Watch the video here:

The viewers thoroughly enjoyed the lighthearted portrayal by the influencer. 

A user commented, “ ‘Sorry sir, we don’t have poha’. I heard this only 3 days ago.” 

Another wrote, “Watching this in the flight with the air hostess standing right next to me.”

A flight attendant chimed in, “This is true. I’m in this video,” while another praised, “As a flight attendant myself you really did a good job observing.”

Someone joked, “Ma’am I would like to have your biceps.”

“They’re always out of Poha,” read another comment.

What do you think of this video?

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