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Luxury travel of ‘unconventional athletes’ may leave you stunned

Millions are spent on these horses which includes travel and well-being. — Reuters

As many as 122 athletes participated in the world’s most prestigious racing event in Dubai last month, however, they weren’t conventional players but horses.

The Dubai World Cup attracts the world elite to the game and in a matter of minutes races end. However, the transportation takes months and involves numerous people.

The horses must be healthy and properly taken care of, according to the quarantine manager at Dubai Racing Club John Nicholls quoted in a CNN report.

He also said: “It’s basically five-star all the way. They get plenty of water, plenty of hay, and attention.”

The special transportation is provided by Dubai’s biggest fan of horseracing, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who has a Boeing 747 responsible for the transportation in and out of the city.

Horses have their own supply of water during their stay. — Reuters
Horses have their own supply of water during their stay. — Reuters

Racers travel in air-conditioned stalls in the cargo bay with three in each, which is economy class. Two horses stall is called business class and one is the first class, Nicholls said who looks after them during their stay in Dubai.

Suné Schäffler, general manager at Equitrans, said: “Certain horses have different travel behaviors [and] need bigger spaces.”

Every horse is accommodated as per the behaviour. Horse handlers and a veterinarian also travel with them.

Safety accessories such as socks, earplugs, and headgear are also provided to avoid disturbances.

Nicholls estimated that at least 5,000 kilograms (11,000 pounds) of equipment travelled with the 82 horses this year, including their own water supply during the stay.

Horses are completely checked alongside the documentation such as blood tests. They also carry passports with all the information in them.

Expert estimation of the flying cost of the 82 horses is between $2.5-3.5 million.

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