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Massive data breach leaks info of millions on dark web

The AT&T logo is pictured on a building in Los Angeles, California. Millions of people suffer data breach in the US by AT&T. — Reuters/File

A US telecommunication behemoth AT&T confirmed that there was a massive data breach of its millions of current and former users as the information was released on the dark web, the company said.

The leaked information included social security numbers, addresses, and passwords. The company noted that it has commenced an investigation into the leak while underlining that there is no evidence of data theft, according to BBC.

AT&T — founded in 1983 — also said that it has already reset the passcodes of its customers. The company urged users to keep an eye to “remain vigilant by monitoring account activity and credit reports.”

The leaked data was from customers of 2019 or earlier involving 7.6 million customers and 65.4 former account holders.

Despite the indict AT&T said financial information had not appeared in the leak, adding that it is in the process of ascertaining whether the data had originated from its own systems or via a third-party supplier.

One of the largest companies has around 290 million users in the US providing wireless 5G network service.

The wireless-carrier also suffered a major blackout of its services in February which caused the Texas-based firm to apologise and offer $5 credit for the victims.

The Federal Communications Commission said it started an investigation of the outage, while the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said it was working with AT&T to understand the cause.

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