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Here are some hidden symptoms of anxiety

Here are some hidden symptoms of anxiety

Man in Blue and Brown Plaid Dress Shirt Touching His Hair.— Pexels
Man in Blue and Brown Plaid Dress Shirt Touching His Hair.— Pexels

People frequently disregard their mental health and put off dealing with their issues. A person with a lot on their plate could exhibit symptoms of anxiety without even being aware that their mental health is deteriorating.

People could merely find it difficult to open up because they don’t feel secure enough. Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives, but when anxiety causes you problems on a regular basis, it’s important to better understand it and seek out proven treatments like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Intense feelings of worry are a hallmark of anxiety disorder symptoms and these conditions can have a significant negative influence on daily life. It is possible to develop an anxiety disorder without even realising it because the signs may show themselves as personality traits or general stress. 

Hidden physical symptoms of anxiety

Does anxiety cause chest pain? Could it make you nauseous or lose your appetite? Yes. There are many physical symptoms of anxiety, according to Healthline. Some of them are follows:

Body tension: Anxiety can lead to circumstances of flight or fight, which can cause the body to stiffen up and cause muscle aches.

Restlessness: The inability to remain motionless in any situation falls under the category of restlessness and can manifest as a variety of anxious behaviours. These behaviours might range from excessive foot tapping to excessive handshaking.

Panic attack vs anxiety attack: People with anxiety disorders may experience panic attacks regularly. A panic attack is characterised by a rapid heartbeat and intense sweating where the patient feels like they are about to die.

Recurrent Illness: People with hidden anxiety frequently get sick since that is how their bodies react to excessive stress and anxiety. Because of their ongoing anxiety, they have high cortisol levels, which are harmful to their general health and may make them sick.

Other signs of anxiety

Any past incident that has left a person feeling extremely painful can raise social anxiety levels that are connected to that experience.

A bad diet and excessive drinking can make anxiety symptoms worse. Unfortunately, many people who experience anxiety turn to drugs or alcohol and eventually become addicted to them. Anxiety symptoms in regular settings can be managed, according to some experts, via psychotherapy, social support, and lifestyle changes. 

However, if the physical symptoms are not under control and disrupt the daily routine, a professional may prescribe medication.

It’s critical to recognise the signs of anxiety disorders in yourself or a loved one.

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