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Happy Holi: Protecting Your Eyes While Playing With Colours- Do’s And Donts To Follow

You must be excited and enthusiastic about the most colourful festival ‘Holi’, which is just approaching. But play responsibly and with caution when using the colours of Holi as your eyes are delicate & require special care. Contact with dangerous colours can cause allergies, inflammation, infections, and in some cases, corneal abrasions that may result in temporary blindness.

Holi Eyecare Do’s & Dont’s

Here is the short guide shared by Dr  Priyanka Singh (MBBS, MS, DNB, FAICO), Consultant & Eye Surgeon, Neytra Eye Centre, New Delhi on protecting your eyes while playing holi:


Opt for natural or eco-friendly colors: Many conventional colors in the market contain toxic substances like lead, mica, and mercury, posing risks to your skin and eyes. Prioritize the use of non-toxic alternatives.

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Wear Protective eyewear: Shield your eyes by wearing sunglasses or glasses to minimize contact with dry and colored water. Because eyes are extremely sensitive, the chemicals in the colours might irritate them and cause allergies.

Practice post-Holi care: After indulging in Holi festivities, ensure thorough eye cleansing with plenty of water to remove color residue. Additionally, cleanse the surrounding areas to prevent further irritation.


Refrain from rubbing your eyes: Resist the urge to touch your eyes or face while playing with colors. If colour enters your eyes, promptly splash and wash with plenty of water to prevent infection and scratches. See an eye specialist right away if you continue to face any kind of eye issue.

Do not wear your contact lenses: Steer clear of wearing contact lenses during Holi as they can trap color particles, leading to eye irritation or corneal damage. Using glasses is preferable to using contact lenses as it will act as a mechanical barrier by protecting your eyes from color.

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Do not self-medicate: Not all eye drops are suitable for treating color-related irritation. Consult an eye specialist before using any eye drops, especially if you have pre-existing eye conditions like dryness or other eye issues. Lubricating drops may help alleviate discomfort but seek professional advice for tailored treatment.

In conclusion, adhere to these precautions to enjoy a safe and delightful Holi celebration while prioritizing your eye health. Seek immediate medical attention from an ophthalmologist if you experience severe symptoms such as eye pain, redness, or discharge. Timely intervention is crucial to prevent lasting damage to your eyes.

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