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Habits To Improve Health: 5 Easy Practices To Boost Your Daily Well-Being

Achieving and sustaining wellness can be a daunting task. It’s crucial to integrate healthy habits into your daily life to achieve peak well-being. Ayurveda, an age-old holistic healthcare tradition, underscores the significance of “Dinacharya” – a daily regimen for wellness and self-care as the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Your routine could include practices such as waking up early, engaging in cleansing rituals, incorporating physical activity, fostering nutritious eating habits, and ensuring adequate and restorative sleep.

Adopting practices could help you improve fitness, metabolism, energy levels, and overall well-being. Here are five simple approaches listed by Dr Shruthi M Hegde(B.A.M.S, M.D), Senior Research Associate – Natural Product Innovation (NPI) (Discovery Sciences group) – R&D, Himalaya Wellness Company to enhance your daily well-being:

1. Wake up early: Ayurveda suggests waking up early at “Brahma muhurtham,” just before dawn. This helps synchronize your body with nature’s rhythm, promoting mental clarity and concentration. It’s an ideal time for meditation, organizing your thoughts, and planning your day.

2. Oil pulling as oral cleansing: Ayurveda places great emphasis on oral health care as part of the morning ritual. Oil pulling, known as “Kavala and Gandusha,” involves swishing warm medicated oils in the mouth for a specified time. This practice helps prevent bad breath, maintains gum health, prevents cavities and infections, avoids dry mouth, and promotes overall oral health.

3. Incorporate physical activity: Ayurveda recommends exercising as a vital morning ritual. Regular physical activity tones the body, enhances strength, and boosts metabolism.

4. Develop healthy eating habits: A healthy digestive system is essential for overall health. Ayurveda stresses the importance of gut health and mindful eating habits. Focus on consuming fresh, warm, nutritious food, paying attention to your hunger cues and nutritional needs. Avoid processed foods, overeating, and late-night meals.

5. Establish an early bedtime: Quality sleep is crucial for mental and physical health. Maintain a consistent bedtime routine, going to bed early to ensure sufficient rest. This supports a healthy metabolism, helps you unwind, and relaxes both the mind and body.

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