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Astounding health benefits of vitamin D

Astounding health benefits of vitamin D

Image shows apricot fruits in a bowl.— Pexels
Image shows apricot fruits in a bowl.— Pexels

A vital part of maintaining good health is consuming enough vitamin D each day. There are numerous ways to benefit your body, like getting outside in the sun, taking supplements, and eating foods high in nutrients. What advantages does vitamin D offer people?

According to studies, it helps with everything from the prevention of dementia to depression treatment and can even lower the risk of cancer in older persons.

Here are just a few reasons, as per a report by Study Finds, to take a vitamin D pill every day and prevent the negative effects of vitamin D deficiency.

1. Helps treat depression

Can being outside in the sunshine alone help with depression? Researchers from many countries have discovered that vitamin D may help adults with depression symptoms.

Researchers did a meta-analysis on the link between taking vitamin D supplements and depression after looking at numerous international studies. The research used randomised placebo-controlled trials to examine the effectiveness of vitamin D in treating adult depression in various demographics. Persons with varied physical ailments, people from the general public, and depression patients all participated in the trials.

The meta-analysis’ findings show that supplementing with vitamin D reduces depression symptoms better than taking a placebo.

2. Protects against dementia, strokes

According to a study that shows a connection between vitamin D deficiency and cognitive decline, more sunlight may help prevent dementia.

The study found that those who take additional supplements to raise their vitamin D levels to healthy levels may see a reduction in dementia incidence of about 5%. However, since the “sunshine vitamin” is produced by the skin following exposure to UV light, pills are not the sole source.

In order to determine the connection between low vitamin D levels and the risk of dementia and stroke, a team from the University of South Australia examined data on nearly 300,000 individuals from the UK Biobank. They discovered a connection between low vitamin D levels and an elevated risk of both illnesses and smaller brain sizes.

Additional genetic studies confirmed a link between dementia and vitamin D insufficiency. According to studies, consuming more vitamin D may help prevent up to 17% of dementia cases in particular groups.

3. Reduces cancer risk in older adults

According to new research, older persons can reduce their chance of developing cancer by over two-thirds by taking vitamin D, omega-3 fish oil, and engaging in a simple home exercise regimen.

The daily pills, when combined with regular activity, lowered the incidence of invasive disease by 61%, according to Swiss researchers who evaluated a group of healthy persons over the age of 70. The DO-HEALTH experiment, a three-year study conducted in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, and Portugal with 2,157 participants, provided the findings.

4. Decreases risk of autoimmune diseases

According to a recent study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, taking supplements of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids may lower your risk of developing autoimmune illnesses. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D are linked to lowering inflammation, which is a precursor to autoimmune disorders.

When the immune system wrongly views the body’s cells and tissues as foreign intruders and targets them for assault, autoimmune disorders develop. These illnesses have a wide range of symptom intensity and are more prevalent in older people.

5. Reduces breast cancer risk

More sun exposure may reduce the risk of breast cancer, according to research from the Universities of Buffalo and Puerto Rico.

Buffalo is notorious for its severe winters, but sunny Puerto Rico was the ideal setting for this study. Researchers found that more sun exposure is linked to a lower incidence of breast cancer after comparing skin pigmentation in exposed and unexposed skin among 307 cases and 328 controls using a chromameter. The variations in skin pigmentation among the subjects were used to calculate average sun exposure levels.

6. Protects against COVID-19

An increasing body of research suggests that vitamin D may help reduce the chance of developing COVID-19. This is particularly true for African-Americans, according to researchers from the University of Chicago Medicine.

However, their analysis reveals that white people using vitamin D pills did not see a similar reduction in the risk of infection. According to earlier research, 80% of COVID-19 patients are vitamin D deficient.

7. Impacts on child’s intelligence

Vitamin D is crucial for pregnant women’s health and of their unborn children. According to a study, this important nutrient is not only important for growth but also has an effect on a child’s IQ. Mothers with higher vitamin D levels during pregnancy are thought to have children with better IQ scores, according to researchers at Seattle Children’s Research Institute.

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