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7 Drinks to avoid in winter to keep your body healthy with tasty alternatives

7 Drinks to avoid in winter to keep your body healthy with tasty alternatives

Drinks to avoid: The “healthy” beverage aisle’s layout has changed dramatically over the years, from expensive organic energy drinks to “better-for-you” smoothies. When you look behind the extravagant promises and eye-catching packaging, you’ll probably discover that many of these drinks aren’t healthy for you. 

In fact, the majority of added sugars in our diet come from sugar-sweetened beverages. You might be surprised to discover hidden additional sugars, as well as artificial sugars and colours, in the ingredient list of beverages marketed as being “good for you.”

Here are seven drinks that you must avoid for a healthy body:

1. Fresh juices

Fruit juices might weaken the body’s immune system since it takes a lot more energy for the body to warm the cold beverage to body temperature. Your body could become weaker and more vulnerable to illness as a result.  Experts recommend eating fresh fruit and avoiding fruit juices. Despite being healthful, they should not be consumed during the winter time, especially if they are chilled.

2. Sugary coffee drinks

Although a cup of coffee has many excellent health benefits, frothy mixtures like Frappuccinos and other delicious coffee drinks probably exceed all of coffee’s advantages. Avoid using sweet syrups and whipped toppings on your dessert unless you’re specifically making a coffee beverage.

3. Soda

When artificial sweeteners are consumed in excess, the palate and taste preferences can alter over time, leading to an increase in the desire for extremely sweet meals and a decrease in the enjoyment of naturally sweet foods like fresh fruit. A little bit is acceptable, but use caution while consuming artificial substances and sodas are packed with artificial sweeteners.

4. Buttermilk

Although buttermilk is healthful, it is recommended to stay away from it in the winter. The mucus release caused by cold dairy products can enhance your exposure to the flu and fever. Curd, however, can be a smart choice because you still need probiotics.

5. Premixed alcoholic beverages

Premixed drinks are, in essence, a hangover in a bottle. Alcohol, preservatives, and more sugar simply serve to accelerate the underlying dehydration caused by alcohol consumption.

6. Pre-made protein shakes

You might be surprised to learn that most protein shakes are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and additives if you check the ingredient list. As a general rule, drink water and eat your protein.

7. Pre-bottled smoothies

Even if they promote the claim that their product has “no sugar added,” the majority of smoothies are essential “health” drinks in disguise. Even though they can get away with the claim because they use sugar in the form of fruit puree, the overall sugar load is still substantial and frequently unbalanced with any fibre or protein to help regulate blood sugar levels and keep you satisfied.

(Disclaimer: This article is based on general information and does not substitute for an expert’s advice. Zee News does not confirm this.)

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