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28-Year-Old Physically Healthy Dutch Woman Chooses To Die By Euthanasia Due To Severe Mental Health Struggles

Trigger warning: Some readers may find this story disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

Zoraya ter Beek, a 28-year-old Dutch woman, will reportedly undergo euthanasia in the Netherlands in May, because of severe mental health struggles. ter Beek, who is physically healthy, has been fighting depression, autism and borderline personality disorder, for years. According to reports, doctors have informed ter Beek that there are no further treatment options available to her. Euthanasia or assisted suicide is legal in the Netherlands.

ter Beek lives with her boyfriend, pet cats and “doesn’t have much family”. She told The Free Press over a text message: “I did not want to burden my partner with having to keep the grave tidy.” She added, “We have not picked an urn yet, but that will be my new house!”

According to the report in The Free Press, ter Beek recalled her psychiatrist telling her that they had tried everything, that “there’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better.” It seems that it was then that she decided to die. “I was always very clear that if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this anymore.”

How The Euthanasia Will Be Carried Out

According to The Free Press Report, explaining the process, ter Beek said, “The doctor really takes her time. It is not that they walk in and say: lay down please! Most of the time it is first a cup of coffee to settle the nerves and create a soft atmosphere. Then she asks if I am ready. I will take my place on the couch. She will once again ask if I am sure, and she will start up the procedure and wish me a good journey. Or, in my case, a nice nap, because I hate it if people say, ‘Safe journey.’ I’m not going anywhere.” 

Then the doctor will administer a sedative, followed by a drug that will stop ter Beek’s heart. The young woman admitted to being little scared. “I’m a little afraid of dying, because it’s the ultimate unknown,” she was quoted by The Free Press. “We don’t really know what’s next – or is there nothing? That’s the scary part.”


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