Home Top Stories Israel-Hamas war live updates: ‘Catastrophic’ situation at Gaza hospital as attacks ramp up; Pro-Palestinian march due in London

Israel-Hamas war live updates: ‘Catastrophic’ situation at Gaza hospital as attacks ramp up; Pro-Palestinian march due in London

Israel-Hamas war live updates: ‘Catastrophic’ situation at Gaza hospital as attacks ramp up; Pro-Palestinian march due in London

Protesters gather for pro-Palestinian march in London

A protester holds a placard at a gathering in Belgrave Square, calling for a “Ceasefire Now”, at a demonstration organised by Jewish Bloc, Jews For Palestine in central London on November 11, 2023, ahead of a ‘National March For Palestine’. Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has described a planned march in London on Saturday — Armistice Day, when Britain honours its war dead — as “provocative and disrespectful” and suggested London’s Metropolitan Police ban it. Police have said the march in support of Palestinians does not meet the legal threshold for requesting a government order to stop it going ahead. (Photo by HENRY NICHOLLS / AFP) (Photo by HENRY NICHOLLS/AFP via Getty Images)

Henry Nicholls | Afp | Getty Images

Crowds gathered in London Saturday ahead of a “National March For Palestine” which is expected to be attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

The protesters are demanding a “cease-fire now” in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has seen many thousands of people killed and with no end in sight.

London’s Met Police have launched a major operation to oversee the march, with 2,000 officers on duty.

— Katrina Bishop

The Al-Shifa hospital has ‘stopped working,’ Gaza health officials say

Al Shifa — the largest hospital in Gaza — has no electricity or water, according to local health officials, who said it has “stopped working.”

In a Saturday news conference, Palestinian Ministry of Health Spokesman Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra said the hospital was “besieged.” The Ministry of Health is an agency within the Hamas-controlled government.

“We can say that the Al-Shifa Medical Complex has stopped working and is out of service due to the occupation’s targeting of everything that moves inside the complex,” he said, according to an NBC translation.

Al-Qudra said the Israeli military was currently bombing an area of the hospital, and those inside were unable to move location “due to the intensity of the bombing and the intensity of the fire.”

Also speaking at the press conference, Dr. Muhammad Qandil said there were many dead bodies both inside and outside of the hospital, which is “collapsing totally.”

“We are now calling the whole world, if there is any conscience still there, please [act] … Any politician in the world now who cannot put pressure to stop this war crimes against hospitals his hands are bloodied,” the emergency consultant said, according to an NBC translation of his comments.

Israel’s military says Hamas uses hospitals as operational bases and hides weapons in tunnels underneath them, although Hamas denies these charges. Last week, Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said: “Hamas systematically exploits hospitals as part of its war machine.”

— Katrina Bishop

IDF confirms Saturday pause in fighting for civilians to leave northern Gaza

Palestinians leave from the northern part of the Gaza Strip to flee the central and southern parts of the Gaza Strip on Nov. 10, 2023.

Belal Khaled | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

The Israel Defense Forces announced its Saturday evacuation windows. The military has for days been telling citizens in northern Gaza to move southward, as fighting intensifies in the region.

“The evacuation corridor will remain open between 09:00-16:00 for civilians through the Salah al-Din axis toward south of Wadi Gaza,” the IDF said on social media. 9 a.m. in Gaza is 2 a.m. ET.

“There will be a tactical pause of military operation in the the area of Jabalia camp today between 10:00-14:00 to encourage evacuation southward via Saladin Axis.”

Katrina Bishop

Israeli military says it has killed Hamas commander who was holding Gazans hostage at hospital

In a joint statement, the Israel Defense Forces and security agency Shin Bet (or ISA) said a Hamas commander, who was holding 1,000 Gaza civilians hostage at the Rantisi Hospital, had been killed.

“Based on precise IDF and ISA intelligence, and with the direction of IDF ground troops, IDF aircraft struck Ahmed Siam, a company commander of the Naser Radwan Company of the Hamas terrorist organization,” the statement said.

In an additional post on social media, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said Siam had been preventing people from leaving the hospital complex to evacuate southward — as instructed by Israel’s military.

“Ahmed Siam demonstrates once again that Hamas uses the civilians of the Gaza Strip as human shields for terror purposes,” Hagari said. Hamas denies these claims.

CNBC was unable to verify the reports.

— Katrina Bishop

IDF issues operational update; says it has taken control of 11 Hamas positions

Israel’s military issued an update on its recent activities Saturday, saying it had taken control of 11 Hamas positions.

In an update Saturday on social media, the Israel Defence Forces said that in the past 24 hours it had “neutralized” terrorist cells, taken over a number of Hamas posts, and destroyed an underground tunnel, along with a number of other activities. The post was translated via Google.

In a separate update, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said the military had been targeting a specific Hamas battalion, killing its commander.

“In recent days, fighters from the Golani Brigade and Battalion 53 have eliminated many terrorists and damaged the infrastructure and combat equipment of the ‘Zabra Tel Elhua’ battalion of the terrorist organization Hamas,” Hagari said on X, according to a Google translation.

“The fighters carried out raids that included battles in the south of the Sheikh Ejlin neighborhood in the west of Gaza City, in which there were significant battles with Hamas terrorists.”

— Katrina Bishop

A child is killed in Gaza every 10 minutes: WHO director general

Tedros Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization, said a child is killed every 10 minutes, on average, in Gaza.

“WHO continues to call for unfettered access to delivery humanitarian aid to the civilians of Gaza, who are not responsible for this violence, but are suffering in ways that we in this room cannot imagine,” he added in a video posted on social media.

Katrina Bishop

Situation at al-Shifa hospital is ‘catastrophic,’ Doctors Without Border says

The situation at Al-Shifa Hospital is worsening, according to the Doctors Without Borders charity, which called for an end to the attacks and for the protection of “medical facilities, medical staff and patients.”

“Over the last few hours, the attacks against Al-Shifa Hospital have dramatically intensified. MSF staff at the hospital reported a catastrophic situation inside just a few hours ago,” the aid agency (which is also known as Médecins Sans Frontière) said in a social media post.

It added that it is unable to contact its staff inside the hospital — the biggest in the Gaza Strip.

A further tweet cited Dr. Mohammed Obeid, an MSF surgeon in Al-Shifa, who said he would not leave his patients.

“There is a patient who needs surgery. There is a patient who’s already asleep in our department. We cannot evacuate ourselves and [leave] these people inside. As a doctor. I swear to help the people who need help,” he said, according to the tweet.

Katrina Bishop

Macron says Israel must stop killing babies and women in Gaza

French President Emmanuel Macron.

Chesnot | Getty Images News | Getty Images

French President Emmanuel Macron said Israel must stop killing babies and women in Gaza. Speaking to U.K. broadcaster the BBC, he said there was “no justification” for the bombings.

“De facto — today, civilians are bombed — de facto. These babies, these ladies, these old people are bombed and killed. So there is no reason for that and no legitimacy. So we do urge Israel to stop,” he said in an exclusive interview.

Read the full report here.

— Matt Clinch

Hundreds of thousands to join pro-Palestinian march in London

Demonstrators protest in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in London, Britain, October 21, 2023. 

Hannah Mckay | Reuters

London’s Met Police said that 2,000 officers will be on duty across central London this weekend as part of a major policing operation, with hundreds of thousands expected to join a pro-Palestinian march on Saturday.

The march coincides with Armistice Day and has drawn criticism from some U.K. politicians.

“We know the cumulative impact continued protest, increasing tensions, and rising hate crimes are having across London and the fear and anxiety our Jewish communities in particular are feeling. They have a right to feel safe in their city, knowing … they can travel across London without feeling afraid of intimidation or harassment,” the Met said in a statement Friday.

-Matt Clinch

Al Shifa hospital director: ‘Israel is now launching a war on Gaza City hospitals’

Patients and internally displaced people are pictured at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on November 10, 2023, amid ongoing battles between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement. Heavy fighting was raging near Al-Shifa hospital, with Israel saying it had killed dozens of militants and destroyed tunnels that are key to Hamas’s capacity to fight. Israel launched an offensive in Gaza after Hamas fighters poured across the heavily militarised border on October 7, killing 1,400 people, mostly civilians, and taking around 240 hostages. (Photo by Khader Al Zanoun / AFP) (Photo by KHADER AL ZANOUN/AFP via Getty Images)

Khader Al Zanoun | Afp | Getty Images

“Israel is now launching a war on Gaza City hospitals,” said Mohammad Abu Selmeyah, director of Al Shifa hospital.

He said later that at least 25 people were killed in Israeli strikes on Al-Buraq school in Gaza City, where people whose homes had been destroyed were sheltering.

Gaza officials said missiles landed in the courtyard of Al Shifa, the enclave’s biggest hospital, in the early hours, damaged the Indonesian Hospital and reportedly set fire to the Nasser Rantissi pediatrics cancer hospital.

Israel’s military said later that a misfired projectile launched by Palestinian militants in Gaza had hit Shifa.

The hospitals are in northern Gaza, where Israel says the Hamas militants who attacked it last month are concentrated, and are full of displaced people as well as patients and doctors.

Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy said the Hamas headquarters was in Shifa hospital’s basement, which meant the hospital could lose its protected status and become a legitimate target.

Israel says Hamas hides weapons in tunnels under hospitals, charges Hamas denies.

Israeli tanks, which have been advancing through northern Gaza for almost two weeks, have taken up positions around the Nasser Rantissi hospital as well as the Al-Quds hospital, medical staff said earlier, raising the alarm.

Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qidra said Israel had bombed Shifa hospital buildings five times.

“One Palestinian was killed and several were wounded in the early morning attack,” he said by phone. Videos verified by Reuters showed scenes of panic and people covered in blood.


Israel lowers Oct. 7 death toll to 1,200 people, ministry says

A woman looks at newly dug graves for the victims of the October 7th attack during the funeral of Albert Miles, 80, who was killed in his home in Kibbutz Beeri in the deadly infiltration of Israel by Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip, at the cemetery in Kibbutz Revivim, in southern Israel, October 30, 2023. 

Evelyn Hockstein | Reuters

Israel’s Foreign Ministry says the official death toll in Hamas’ bloody Oct. 7 cross-border attack into Israel has been lowered to 1,200 people.

Israeli officials have previously estimated the death toll at 1,400.

The ministry gave no reason for the revision. But an Israeli official said the number had been changed after a painstaking weekslong process to identify bodies, many of which were mutilated or burned.

The official said the final death toll could still change. He said a number of bodies have not been identified and it is unclear whether all of the nearly 240 hostages believed to be held by Hamas are still alive.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity pending an official government announcement.

Associated Press

UN: ‘Half of Gaza’s 36 hospitals’ are not functioning at all

Palestinians injured as a result of the attacks of the Israeli army are being taken to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, in Gaza City, Gaza on November 10, 2023. Israeli attacks continue on the 35th day in Gaza.

Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

The World Health Organization says 20 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals are no longer functioning, including a pediatric hospital that has stopped operations after a reported Israeli strike in the area.

WHO spokeswoman Dr. Margaret Harris said Friday that Rantisi Children’s hospital in the north of the enclave was no longer operating, and it was not immediately clear what has happened to the patients inside.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said earlier that Israeli forces had struck overnight the area around Shifa Medical Complex, the largest hospital in Gaza, killing six Palestinians, and bombed areas near several other hospitals including the Rantisi hospital.

“If there is a hell on earth today, its name is northern Gaza.”

— Jens Laerke, U.N. humanitarian agency spokesperson

Harris said WHO does not try to assign responsibility for strikes.

Harris said some children had been receiving care such as dialysis and life support which doesn’t allow for their safe evacuation.

She added that “hospitals never should be a target.”

“If there is a hell on earth today, its name is northern Gaza,” the U.N. humanitarian agency spokesperson, Jens Laerke, told reporters in Geneva.

Associated Press

Columbia University suspends Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace chapters

Columbia University has suspended their student chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) through the end of the fall term, according to a statement.

“This decision was made after the two groups repeatedly violated University policies related to holding campus events, culminating in an unauthorized event Thursday afternoon that proceeded despite warnings and included threatening rhetoric and intimidation,” said Gerald Rosberg, Columbia’s senior executive vice president and chair of the Special Committee on Campus Safety.

This means that both groups will not be allowed to hold events on campus or receive university funding, according to Rosberg.

“Lifting the suspension will be contingent on the two groups demonstrating a commitment to compliance with University policies and engaging in consultations at a group leadership level with University officials,” Rosberg said.

Associated Press

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