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Coleen Rooney discloses how Wayne reacted after her miscarriage

Coleen Rooney discloses how Wayne reacted after her miscarriage

Coleen Rooney has shared her heartache over experiencing two miscarriages and acknowledges questioning whether the babies she lost were girls.

In her autobiography, the 37-year-old WAG discloses how her former England star husband Wayne was in tears after her initial miscarriage, and later, she went on to have four sons.

Within the pages of her book, My Account, she recounts having her second miscarriage following the births of her first two children, Kai now 14, and Klay 10.

She penned: ‘I’ve wondered since if I could only have boys, that I couldn’t carry girls and that the two I lost might have been female.

‘Mum says maybe I’m just meant to be the mum of boys, and that’s fine by me.’

Coleen described the heartbreak of how her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage just months after she and Wayne married in a 14th century abbey in Santa Margherita on the Italian Riviera.

The tragic loss affected Wayne, who had been longing to be a father, so much that when they got home to their Cheshire mansion, he wept.

Coleen explained: ‘It’s a strange thing to be feeling all that excitement and joy, only to have it taken away so fast – a horrible experience which knocked Wayne for six too.

‘Back at home that night, he cried. He’d been desperate to be a dad and I could see on his face how wrecked he was with the loss.

She revealed that Wayne told her: ‘It’s awful. I know you’ve been through such a terrible experience but it’s hard for me as well.’

Coleen continued: ‘I think he just had to voice his feelings, which wasn’t something he did all that often. It stayed with him for quite a while afterwards, probably right up until I got pregnant again.’

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