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Rashid Latif urges PCB to prioritize ICC revenue over Asia Cup venue

Former Pakistan cricketer, Rashid Latif, has urged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to prioritize the International Cricket Council (ICC) revenue over the venue for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. 

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Currently, Pakistan receives a share of 5.75% in the ICC revenue distribution, while India enjoys a substantial percentage of 38.50%. Latif proposed that the PCB’s revenue cut should be increased to around 18-20% in the upcoming Finance Model for 2024-2027. While acknowledging India’s dominant position in cricket and its consequent larger revenue share, he emphasized that the unique appeal of both teams’ matches warranted a higher revenue cut for the PCB.

“PCB should also push ICC for a greater revenue share for Finance Model ( 2024-27 ). India gets the biggest share for a reason, alright, but the Ind-Pak game has been the biggest charm at every level!” he tweeted. 

“Pakistan’s proposed Increase share is 5.75% while India’s 38.50%. PCB’s revenue cut should be increased to 18-20% in Finance Model 2024-27,” he added.


ICC REVENUE is more important than Asia Cup venue!

Most watched game is India-Pakistan. So PCB should find a way.

PCB should also push ICC for a greater revenue share for Finance Model ( 2024-27 ). India gets the biggest share for a reason alright but Ind-Pak game has been the… pic.twitter.com/MFEbtG3V33

— Rashid Latif | 🇵🇰 (@iRashidLatif68) May 12, 2023


He also questioned the distribution of revenue shares based on sponsorship agreements, particularly about Emirates airline’s prominent sponsorship of cricket events in the UAE. 

He suggested that revenue shares should be determined primarily by viewership figures rather than the sponsorship value.

Supporting his argument, Latif cited several examples of past India-Pakistan matches that have attracted staggering viewership numbers. The 2011 World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka recorded a viewership of 558 million unique viewers, followed closely by the 2011 World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan, which garnered 495 million unique viewers.


1) 2011 WC final between India & Sri Lanka – 558 million Unique Viewers

2) 2011 WC semi-final between India & Pakistan — 495 million Unique Viewers

3) 2017 CT group game between India & Pakistan — 324 million Unique Viewers

4) 2015 WC group game between India & Pakistan — 313…

— Rashid Latif | 🇵🇰 (@iRashidLatif68) May 12, 2023


Recently, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was unhappy with the proposed new revenue distribution model for international cricket. However, it accepts that India, the game’s financial engine, should get the biggest share, chairman Najam Sethi told Reuters.

“We are insisting that the ICC should tell us how these figures were arrived at,” Sethi told Reuters from London. “We are not happy with the situation as it stands. Come June, when the board is expected to approve the financial model, unless these details are provided to us, we are not going to approve it.”

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