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US calls for free, fair and timely elections under Pakistani law – SUCH TV

The United States government has once again said that it urges Pakistan to hold timely elections that are free and fair under Pakistani laws.

In a press briefing on Wednesday, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller also said that the US calls on the Pakistani government to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.

“As we do with countries around the world, we urge Pakistan to hold a free and fair – free and fair and timely elections, and to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law,” Miller said.

 He also said that elections should proceed in a manner consistent with Pakistan’s laws.

“And we urge Pakistani authorities to move forward with the electoral process in a manner consistent with Pakistan’s laws, as we do with countries around the world,” he said.

When asked about not being able to get an answer from the US embassy about whether human to human connections between US and Pakistan, Miller said Pakistan is a ‘valuable’ partner for the US.

“… Pakistan is an important partner of ours. And we greatly value the relationship between our countries, both between our two governments and the people-to-people connections,” Miller said.

Responding to a questin regarding border issues on Torkham, Miller said that the US would encourage the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan to work together to resolve the issue.

Earlier, the spokesman had said that the US does not take any position regarding elections in the country and does not support any political party.


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