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Israel-Gaza war live updates: Israel claims footage shows hostages at al-Shifa; Hamas says video is ‘in our favor’

Israel’s military on Sunday released footage of what it said was Hamas members “forcibly transporting hostages” through al-Shifa Hospital on Oct. 7, citing the video as proof that Hamas used the hospital “on the day of the massacre as terrorist infrastructure.” Hamas, in response, did not dispute that its hostages receive medical treatment and said some had been wounded by Israeli airstrikes. “Caring for prisoners … and offering necessary medical care are points in our favor,” a member of the Hamas political bureau said. The Washington Post could not independently verify when the videos were taken or who the people in them were. A Post reporter crossed into Gaza over the weekend, escorted by Israeli military officials keen to affirm that al-Shifa was doubling as a Hamas military base. The evidence remains inconclusive.

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