Home Fitness High Uric Acid: 4 Foods and Beverages that You Must Avoid for a Pain-Free Life

High Uric Acid: 4 Foods and Beverages that You Must Avoid for a Pain-Free Life

High Uric Acid: 4 Foods and Beverages that You Must Avoid for a Pain-Free Life

When the body makes too much uric acid or is unable to get rid of enough of it, or if both happens simultaneously, a high uric acid level is detected. When the uric acid in blood is elevated, it leads to a condition called hyperuricemia, which can eventually lead to gout – painful arthritis. Prachi Shah, Consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian, Founder, Health Habitat, shares, “The risk of hyperuricemia is associated with heart disorders, kidney disorders, and diabetes. There is a complain of joint pain because increased uric acid gets formed into crystals in and around our joints leading to inflammation and pain.”

Have High Uric Acid? Avoid THESE Foods and Beverages

As in most ailments, diet is key to controlling the problem. “When it comes to dietary modifications it is best when you avoid foods rich in purine. In simple words foods rich in purine will increase uric acid levels in blood, says Shah.

So if you have high uric acid, here are 4 top foods and drinks to avoid, according to Prachi Shah:

Foods high in sugars: Drinks including readymade fruit juices, carbonated beverages and other items with added syrups like honey or fructose corn syrups should be avoided. They might trigger the condition and fructose produces urate as a by-product in our body, thus worsening the condition. Artificial sources of fructose put you at a risk rather than natural sources like fruits. Refined carbohydrates in excess also contributes in worsening the situation. So, it is best to avoid breads, pastries, cakes, cookies etc.

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Meat: Meats are a major source of protein and they will raise the uric acid levels. Organ meats are a strict no when you face hyperuricemia. Consumption of liver, kidney, heart and even brains can cause increased risk of uric acid. Red meat like lamb, pork, etc should also be avoided.

Seafood: Certain types of fish contain high levels of purines like trout, anchovies, haddock, tuna, ocean perch, mackerel, sardines. Apart from fish, other seafood should also be avoided for the same reason like – crabs, shrimps, scallops.

Alcohol: Alcohol is said to be high in purines, especially beer, as the high yeast content in them leads to increased production of uric acid.

“It is always said moderation is the key but, in this case, it is beneficial if you strictly avoid the above-mentioned foods and drinks! Some vegetables and fruits are also high in purines but they don’t seem to increase uric acid the way animal food sources do,” adds Shah.

The dietitian goes on to add that while avoiding certain trigger foods will help you manage the problem, but an overall lifestyle change will help you eliminate the symptoms. Regular exercise is as important as taking medications. Shah says that in most of the cases, hyperuricemia is solved when you lose weight. Therefore, know your underline cause (if any) and work closely with a qualified nutritionist and a doctor, she advises. 

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