Home Fitness Exclusive: Is your styling gel causing hair fall? Dermatologist shares all you need to know

Exclusive: Is your styling gel causing hair fall? Dermatologist shares all you need to know

Exclusive: Is your styling gel causing hair fall? Dermatologist shares all you need to know

How often do you use those hair gels that come with a lot of promise to style your hair? The beauty market is inundated with products that make tall claims but dermatologists have often pointed out the adverse side effects of using hair gels. So how should we go about using these gels – should we completely stop applying them to our hair or do we reduce use? Is there a particular way to use hair gels? Dr Manasi Shirolikar, consultant dermatologist and founder of online consulting brand drmanasiskin.com, talks to us about this hair styling product.

Hair gels: To use or not to use

“Hair gels are notorious and have the worst reputation as a contributing factor and a cause of hair loss. This, however, is both true, as well as false. Hair gels, especially those with alcohol content, can dry the scalp and the hair out. In addition to that, the product buildup that the hair gel causes can block and clog the hair follicles on the scalp. Both of these then lead to hair breakage and for the hair to fall off. Plus, a blocked and clogged hair follicle will also not allow any space for new hair to grow,” says Dr Manasi Shirolikar.

Dos and don’ts of using hair gels

Simply put, hair gels can most definitely contribute to hair loss. Does this mean we completely stop using hair gel? The answer is not really, says Dr Shirolikar. She goes on to explain how you can continue using hair gels without losing hair:

– Use hair gels with moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, castor oil, or even shea butter, so that your hair does not dry out

– Try and use a water-based hair gel or a gel that is free of alcohol

– Avoid using the gel on your scalp, and instead, use it away from your roots to style your hair, so that there is no product (and thus, product build-up) on your scalp

– Use a clarifying shampoo once a week, to remove any product build-up, and to unclog your hair follicles

– Avoid overusing and over-layering your hair gel, especially if you have already used it the previous day. The build-up that it will cause will not only cause hair breakage and hair loss but also dandruff and flakes.

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Fashion fads: Do not follow them blindly

In addition to this, as the expert points out, genetics, diet, and nutrition are also contributing factors to hair fall and hair loss. If you are facing a serious hair fall, in spite of not using hair gels, it may be advisable to visit a dermatologist, who can delve deeper into the cause and suggest a better and more effective treatment, says Dr Shirolikar. She adds, “And, if you are still using hair gels to either style your hair or to follow the Curly Girl Method to the T, make sure to use a hair gel suited to your hair’s structure, type, and needs, instead of blindly following trends and fads.”

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