Home Fitness Diwali 2023: Safe And Festive Way To Celebrate Deepawali, Dos & Donts To Follow For Burn Injuries

Diwali 2023: Safe And Festive Way To Celebrate Deepawali, Dos & Donts To Follow For Burn Injuries

Diwali 2023: Safe And Festive Way To Celebrate Deepawali, Dos & Donts To Follow For Burn Injuries

Diwali, a cherished festival in India, is widely celebrated across Asia with much enthusiasm. Amidst the joyous moments of indulging in sweets, reveling in the brilliance of fireworks, and partaking in festivities, it becomes paramount to prioritize health and take necessary precautions to ensure a safe Diwali celebration.

In an exclusive conversation with Zee News English, Dr. Sandeep Patil, Chief Intensivist at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, shares invaluable insights to guide everyone toward a secure and joyful Diwali.

Here are some safe and healthy practices to follow during and post Diwali celebration.

Ensuring Ventilation for a Fresh Atmosphere: To maintain a healthy indoor environment, it is advisable to allow proper ventilation by keeping doors and windows open during the day. 

Mindful Use of Hand Sanitizers: Before engaging in the traditional lighting of candles or diyas, it is wise to abstain from using hand sanitizers. 

Firecracker Usage: While the tradition of bursting crackers is deeply ingrained in Diwali celebrations, it is important to opt for those that contribute minimally to air pollution. Alternatively, embellishing homes with candles, lights, and diyas offers an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere without compromising air quality.

Considerations for Respiratory Conditions: Individuals with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are advised to steer clear of pollution and fumes. It is crucial for them to keep medications and nebulizers within reach to manage any respiratory distress.

Balancing Festivity and Physical Activity: While the festive season is synonymous with relaxation, incorporating one to two hours of physical activity is beneficial. 

Adherence to Medication Schedules: For those with underlying health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes, adherence to medication schedules is paramount.

Opting for Healthier Sweets: Amidst the array of delectable treats, it is recommended to opt for homemade sweets using healthier alternatives like honey and jaggery.

Prioritizing Hydration: Carrying a water bottle while on the move is crucial to prevent complications associated with dehydration and uphold overall well-being.

Emergency Preparedness: With festivities in full swing, unforeseen emergencies may arise. Keeping essential helpline numbers, including those of doctors, fire stations, and police, readily accessible is highly advisable for prompt response in case of any untoward incidents.

In essence, embracing a safe and healthy approach to Diwali ensures that the festival of lights is not only joyous but also promotes well-being for everyone involved.

Preventions Tips to Avoid Burn Injuries

Diwali is a festival of lights and most people look forward to the Diwali festivities however there are times some people end up with burn injuries and so it is important to follow safe and eco-sensitive Diwali practices and enjoy this festival of happiness.

Here are some of the major do’s and don’ts for burn injuries given by Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) for issues that one may encounter during the festival season.


– Always stand at an arms distance while lighting crackers and diyas.

– Preferably use only green crackers and that too within time limits prescribed by the civic authorities.

– Preferably wear shoes while bursting crackers. Never pick-up firecrackers which have failed to explode, this can cause severe hand injuries.

– In case of minor burns pour ample amounts of water over the burnt area till the burning sensation completely stops. 

– In case of clothes catching fire, stop, drop and roll. To elaborate, stop wherever you are without running, which can further flare up the fire. Drop or lie down wherever you are, to avoid fire extending to your face. Roll over the ground to limit the oxygen supply. In most cases, this will control the fire. We can also use a thick rug to cut off the air, thus extinguishing the fire.

– It is a good practice to keep a bucket full of water or a fire extinguisher in the vicinity during lighting the candles and bursting the crackers.


– Avoid wearing synthetic and loose clothes while lighting diyas, candles or crackers.

– Remember to discard the crackers in a bucket of sand or water to prevent injury to the feet.

– In case of any eye injury, do not rub the eye but wash the eye with clean water and consult the eye specialist.

– Never apply agents like toothpaste or blue ink over the burnt area. 

– Remove any constricting material like rings or bangles immediately, as swelling sets in later making their removal difficult.

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